Top 10 Best Small Disc Golf Bag Review and User Buying Guide 2021

One of the games that can be an excellent hobby or a considerable addiction is the game of disc golf. In this case, it is an activity that provides great fun for family or friends. To enjoy this activity, certain specific accessories are required. Photo: christopher cornelius.

In this case, you can find the best small disc golf bag. In this way, you will be able to carry the number of discs that best suits you. Also, so that you can find the option that best meets your needs we have conducted research.

A Short List of the Best Disc Golf Bag

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Fade Gear Crunch...image Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag Fuschia Buy On Amazon
Discraft Golf Bag...image Discraft Golf Bag Weekender 6 Discs BAGW Buy On Amazon
Athletico Disc Golf...image Athletico Disc Golf Bag - Tote Bag for Frisbee Golf - Holds 10-14 Discs, Water Bottle, and Accessories (Black) Buy On Amazon
Innova Champion Discs...image Innova Champion Discs Standard Bag, Blue/Gray Buy On Amazon
Disc Living Disc...image Disc Living Disc Golf Bag | Frisbee Golf Bag | Easy to Carry | Lightweight Fits Up to 10 Discs | 16 oz Waxed Canvas Sturdy Design | Belt Loop | Double Button Design | Bottle Holder (Brown) Buy On Amazon
Kestrel Disc Golf...image Kestrel Disc Golf Bag | Fits 6-10 Discs + Bottle | for Beginner and Advanced Disc Golf Players | Extremely Durable Canvas | Disc Golf Bag Set | Small Disc Golf Bag and eBOOK Buy On Amazon
NutSac Disc Golf...image NutSac Disc Golf Bag Buy On Amazon
MVP Disc Sports...image MVP Disc Sports Forcefield Voyager Disc Golf Backpack Bag Rainfly (Bag Not Included) Buy On Amazon
Throwback All Day...image Throwback All Day Pack - Disc Golf Backpack with Oversize Cooler Built-in - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with 16 Disc Capacity Buy On Amazon

The 10 Best Small Disc Golf Bag Review 2021

Next, we will analyze the to-rated & best golf disc bags that are available on the market today. So, you will be able to find yours in just a few steps and without wasting time.

01. Fade Gear Box Adjustable Shoulder Strap Small Disc Golf Bag


One of the first options that can be found today in the market is this golf bag. You will have the possibility to carry 10-12 discs at the same time.

For this purpose, this unit is equipped with a high-durability canvas. In particular, the canvas is made of polyester with excellent functionality.

Excellent Choice

One of the best things this bag can give you is that it is a waterproof option. So, because it’s waterproof, you’ll have to worry about it during a rainstorm. Therefore, it is possible to conveniently transport the discs inside the bag, as well as other items.

Effective Operation

Two additional pockets are included next to the main pockets. This means that you will have a pocket that can provide you with 2 putters.

In the same way, you will have a pocket that will allow you to store and transport a scoreboard. A golf towel clip is also included, which is very convenient.

Plenty of Space

In addition to the above pockets, there will also be space to carry bottles of up to one liter. In turn, this unit provides you with two zippered pockets.

One of them is suitable for scorecards, shoulder straps, and pencils. The other has enough space for all your records.


  • Water resistance
  • Various pockets
  • Made of durable canvas


  • Upgradeable design

02. Discraft Zippered Small Weekender Disc Golf Bag


Another option that can provide you with proper functioning is this bag. In this case, you will be able to store and transport between 6 and 8 discs at the same time.

This is more than enough space for your weekend activities. At the same time, the affordable cost of this unit will allow you to obtain an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Resistance Property

To protect each of your accessories, you will have an excellent level of resistance from this unit. On the one hand, the waterproof cover has a zipper to prevent damage from different weather conditions.

This means that water will not get inside this golf bag.

Convenient Transportation

An interior zippered pocket with more than adequate space has been included in the design of this bag. You will also have enough space to carry a water bottle.

In the same way, a pocket is incorporated in the upper part to store and have small objects of easy grip.

High-Value Option

Although you do not have much space for several disks, the resistance level of this drive is one of the most appropriate. So, you will avoid spending money on other options that end up disappointing you.


  • Waterproof
  • An appropriate number of pockets
  • Includes reinforced shoulder strap


  • Regular disk capacity

03. Athletico Holds 10-14 Discs Tote Frisbee Golf Bag With Accessories


If you need a larger amount of space, then this unit may be the most appropriate. In this case, you will have the ability to carry 10-14 disks at a time. In this way, you will have the number of accessories needed for excellent golf experiences.

High Resistance

You will not have to worry about the objects inside this bag. A 600d polyester fabric is included to protect each one of them. In other words, this is a highly durable option for you. Besides, each of the metal hooks is designed to provide a long life span.

Convenient to Use

On one hand, a padded shoulder strap is included which will prevent you from hurting your back. The large disc capacity is combined with a pocket designed to carry water.

You will be able to carry a large amount of water in this case. An additional zippered pocket optimizes the number of items you can carry.

Smart Design

On top of that, there are some steps at the bottom for when you leave your bag on the floor. In turn, its adjustable pocket allows you to count certain objects more easily. So, it is one of the most functional and durable options compared to other golf bags.


  • Capacity for 10 to 14 discs
  • A large amount of additional space
  • Waterproof


  • Heavy option when filling too much

04. Dynamic Disc Trooper Frisbee Best Disc Golf Bag


In case you still need a larger amount of space, then this unit can be adapted to it. Therefore, it is possible to transport more than 18 disks at one time.

In particular, this is a golf bag with a backpack design. Therefore, it can be much more convenient if you want to transport your objects over long distances.

High-Level Functionality

It is necessary to mention that the center of gravity of this backpack is low. This means that even if you carry your backpack too much, it will not be a pain for your back.

At the same time, the manufacturing is made with high quality and durable fabric. So, this unit will be able to accompany you for a long period.

Space for all your Items

Besides being able to carry more than 18 discs, you will have additional pockets. This includes enough space to store your keys, wallet, phones, and other valuables. And the padded design on the back makes it more comfortable to carry.

High-Value Option

One of the best aspects of this option is that it provides you with an excellent cost/benefit ratio. While it is not the most affordable option, you will have enough space to carry a large number of golf clubs, along with other items.


  • Capacity for more than 18 discs
  • Additional useful pockets
  • Attractive and pleasant design


  • Not waterproof

05. Innova High Quality Champion Discs Standard Golf Bag


In case you don’t need to carry a lot of discs, then this golf bag is excellent. So it is one of the most compact and versatile options that can provide comfortable use. We can mention that it is a highly chosen golf bag in these times.

Excellent Resistance

In this case, we can mention that you will have an excellent level of resistance when using this option. Therefore, it is an excellent cost-benefit ratio. So if space is not too much, the accessible cost allows it to be an appropriate option.

Versatile Functionality

On the one hand, by using this golf bag you will be able to carry approximately five or six golf clubs. Along with this, other pockets and spaces are included to increase functionality. Therefore, it is a main zippered pocket and 4 outside pockets.

Comfortable Design

In this design, a pocket is included that allows you to carry a water bottle. Separators are also included to better organize your different objects. To increase the comfort in the use of this bag, a shoulder strap is incorporated.


  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Versatile and comfortable design


  • Not waterproof

06. Disc Living Adjustable Shoulder Strap Padding Disc Golf Bag With Button Design


As we continue to list reliable golf bags, it is necessary to describe this one in particular. First of all, you will have the ability to carry up to 10 golf clubs using this unit.

Along with this, there is a level of durability and comfort for a large number of users. That is why it is another highly convenient option today.

Efficient Design

A belt strap is included with this unit. This will give you hands-free access to your accessories. Moreover, the easy shoulder strap provides comfortable and painless transport.

At the same time, the appropriate space of the whole bag prevents it from becoming a heavy accessory to be carried.

A lot of Space

In addition to the main storage space for up to 10 discs, other compartments are included. Among them, you will have excellent support to transport different drinks, such as cans and bottles. Similarly, the exterior pocket is an extra space for other items.

Acceptable Strength Level

By using this golf bag, you will be able to carry up to 16 ounces of weight. Reinforced seams have been used for this purpose, along with high strength and quality fabrics.

So, you can count on your golf bag with an extended life. So, this also prevents you from having to buy another golf bag in less time than expected.


  • Capacity up to 10 disks
  • Belt and shoulder strap
  • High quality reinforced construction


  • Not waterproof

07. Kestrel – Fits 6-10 Discs + Bottle Disc Golf Bag


Another option that can provide a comfortable and useful operation is this unit. You will be able to carry between 6 and 10 disks comfortably.

A pocket or additional space to carry a drink is also included. Whether it is a can or a bottle, you will have your drink with you at all times.

Appropriate Strength Level

You will be able to use this golf bag for a considerable time. In other words, the life span of this unit is appropriate due to the excellent quality materials.

Also, a carrying strap is included for more efficient use. The back pocket also includes a zipper to transport your valuables.

Efficient Design

On the one hand, the two separate pockets will allow you quick and easy access to all your records. At the same time, the compact design of this unit offers a lightweight for any user.

So you can carry this golf bag on your shoulder, without even noticing it.

High-Value Golf Bag

Concerning the design, we can mention that it is a versatile and efficient unit. Therefore, this unit can be used by users of all ages. Both comfort and convenience will provide everyone with an optimized experience when using golf clubs.


  • Capacity up to 10 disks
  • Adaptable to any user
  • Comfortable design


  • Number of regular pockets

08. NutSac – Good Quality Lightweight Golf Bag With Comfortable Carry


In case you are looking for a simpler and more useful design, this golf bag is another one of the recommended ones. You will have the capacity to carry between 6 and 7 discs approximately.

At the same time, the high convenience design offers comfortable and reliable use for a long time.

Comfortable Design

Sometimes you might carry some disks that you won’t use later. So by having this unit you can carry the number of discs and accessories you need. The manufacturer ensures that good players win with few discs.

High Level of Durability

For the manufacture of this unit, high-quality canvas has been considered. The design is pleasing and can be combined with certain outfits.

Therefore, it is one of the most demanded options and with positive opinions in these times. Also, the lightweight means that this golf bag is not a nuisance when transporting your records.

High-Value Bag

On the one hand, the conveyor belt provides an operation that adapts to different types of users. At the same time, you can use the outer pocket if you do not need to carry too many discs. Therefore, you can count on additional accessories that you need.


  • Capacity up to 7 disks
  • Pleasant and attractive design
  • Shoulder strap included


  • Insufficient water resistance

09. MVP Sports Rainfly Attachment for Your Disc Golf Backpack


If you need to transport a large number of discs, this drive offers a capacity of up to 20. So, you can carry about 20 disks as long as they are a standard size.

This in turn is combined with additional advantages. Therefore, the use of this backpack is highly convenient and useful for most users.

Heavy-Duty Option

Highly durable materials have been used to manufacture this unit. It is a backpack designed for the transport of golf discs that meets the highest quality standards.

Together with this, intelligent design offers a great deal of space, both for your discs and for other objects or accessories.

Lots of Space

On the one hand, you can carry up to 20 golf clubs. In combination with this, a large number of secondary pockets are included.

Therefore, you can count on additional accessories and valuables. This is one of the most efficient and comfortable options available today.

Intelligent Design

First of all, both the strap and the back part of the backpack are padded. This prevents the user from suffering back pain after carrying this backpack for several hours.

On the other hand, a standard handle has been included for a quick and comfortable grip at all times.


  • Capacity up to 20 discs
  • A large number of pockets
  • High level of resistance


  • Regular exterior design

10. Throwback All Day Pack With 16 Disc Capacity Oversized Cooler Built-in Frisbee Disc Golf Bag


Last but not least, we should mention this versatile and comfortable to use backpack. You will have the capacity to carry up to 16 discs in a single trip.

For this purpose, compartments have been included on the sides of the backpack. In this way, you will have all the central space to carry other useful objects.

Excellent Design

Firstly, the central and largest compartment is compatible with cold drinks. It can insulate and maintain the cold temperatures of beverages for a considerable time.

Besides, a secure pocket is included in the back and top of the backpack. This way, you can store all your valuables and take care of them at the same time.

Large Backpack

In this case, a large number of pockets have been included for more efficient use. Also, the outer pockets have secure zippers that prevent all kinds of misplacement of your items.

Besides, the bottle holder allows for a capacity of up to 20 ounces. So you’ll have enough liquid to last you all day.

High Level of Durability

600d polyester canvas has also been used to manufacture this unit. In other words, this means an excellent level of durability and long service life. So, you can count on safe and reliable use for a long time.


  • Capacity up to 16 discs
  • An excellent number of pockets
  • Compatible with bottles up to 20 ounces


  • Heavy backpack at maximum capacity

User Buying Considerations For Best Disc Golf Bag

Once you have reached this point, you will need to consider some key aspects of a disc golf bag. The important thing here is that not all options will be able to provide you with the same quality and functionality.

So, looking at the following five aspects will give you the information you need to make the best decision.

Drive Capacity

Perhaps the most important aspect is the capacity of discs that a bag can carry. Some options can carry 6-8 discs and other 12-13 discs.

We’ve even found some options that provide 16 or 20 disc capacity. So, you will have to check your own needs in this aspect.

You may not need to carry 16 or 20 disks in a day. So, in this case, you might want to look at another option with a smaller capacity and a more affordable cost.

As the capacity increases, the size of the golf bag or backpack also increases. Therefore, a unit that is too large may prove to be too uncomfortable.

Comfort in Use

You may find some options that include a shoulder strap. In the same vein, it is also possible to list certain units with a backpack design. Therefore, you should select the model that is most convenient and comfortable for you to use in this case.

Besides, some backpacks or golf bags can be ergonomic, while others are not. Therefore, this option allows you to optimize comfort and reduces any pain that may arise with a very heavy unit.

Level of Materials and Durability

Among the options we have researched, the golf bags include high-durability polyester. Therefore, this material or a similar one allows for good waterproofing. So, rain or water in general will not damage the objects inside your golf bag.

It is a recommendable feature since golf clubs are usually used outdoors. In addition to the material, the design of the golf bag can increase durability.

So, this will also be appropriate for the different conditions that can be found in an outdoor environment.

Space for Drinks

It might not be such a big deal until you want a drink. To solve this problem, some units can incorporate enough space to transport a bottle or a can.

On the other hand, the spaces are not always the same in all golf bags. Therefore, you must take into account the number of hours you want to spend on a certain activity.

This way, you will know if you need little or much space for this kind of object. Also, the description of the units we have investigated mentions whether you can carry a half-liter or a liter bottle.

Stability and Design of the Bag

It is quite common to need to leave the golf bag on the floor or somewhere else. So the stability prevents items stored inside from spilling out and getting lost on the ground.

At the same time, the golf bag gets less dirty when it is on the ground in a proper position. That is why here those options that offer a bag design usually do not include the correct stability.

On the other hand, those that have a medium or large size, or even a backpack design, include some stops at the bottom. In turn, as the bag or backpack gets bigger, you will have a larger number of pockets.

Final Words

As we have mentioned, considering your main needs will allow you to find the best option. In this way, you will avoid buying a golf bag that is useless at some point.

By finding the best small disc golf bag, you will be able to optimize the outdoor experience, from the first use of your next bag.

Therefore, it may be important to have enough space to carry additional items. So, if you are a professional player, you will probably want a large backpack or bag.

In the same way, if you are just an occasional amateur player, a small golf disc bag that is comfortable to carry may be more than enough. Anyway, you’ll avoid spending money on acquiring the wrong option.

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